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[Team]69er Hale (CA) is HARD for BF3!

Team69er's Battlefield 3 server is now online!

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Monday, October 24 @ 18:37:43 EDT (comments? | Score: 0)

Battlefield 3

Friday, February 04 @ 03:15:47 EST (comments? | Score: 0)

Bye Bye BF2, Hello BF Bad Company 2

Our BF2 server is finally closing up. We are gearing up for March and the opening of our new Hale. Keep an eye out for our Bad Company 2 server starting on launch day.
Wednesday, February 17 @ 02:46:01 EST (comments? | Score: 0)

BF2 Server . . . Back Again!

BF2 is back on the Hale! Like that scrotal itch that just wont go away, BF2 is back and ready for action. Ranked 32-player goodness.

Please visit us at:
[Team]69er Hale ( ) - updated 2008-11-05

Tuesday, April 29 @ 20:42:04 EDT (comments? | Score: 0)


Back in June, they asked everyone to fill out a clan survey and have a chance to win $500. Sure, sounds like it could happen. . . NOT! Or wait, did pigs just fly out of my butt? Must be, cause [TEAM]69er just won the $500 prize! ZOMG! Read it here at TotalBF2.com .

A huge thank you goes out to the MyIS team. If you need a game server, go check them out at MyInternetServices.com . Seriously, its not the money talking, we've gone through a few ranked servers and MyIS has been the best in service and performance. Go see for yourself.

Monday, September 04 @ 00:29:26 EDT (comments? | Score: 0)

*** HALE NIGHT *** (every wednesday night)

Wednesday night is Hale Night! Come to our server and get your frag on every Wednesday. The 69er will make a special effort to be on the Hale . . . will you join us? This is your chance to play with (or against) your favorite (or hated) 69er. See you at the Hale!
Wednesday, April 05 @ 11:43:39 EDT (comments? | Score: 0)

BF2WT *PLAYOFFS* Round 13 - Sharqi Peninsula

Round 13 was at Sharqi Penninsula (16-player) against an Aussie team [ -RB- ].

The first round, we played on our server as MEC. After some intense fighting, we grabbed the Construction Site and were able to sneak into the Office Building, capping both. All the flags changed hands multiple times. Not much to say, except that there were a few times that RB was down to their last 2 or 3 guys and they found a way to cap a flag and regroup. Very impressive.
69er win: 44-0

The second round was on the RB server and we were USMC. RB quickly reached our Construction Site flag and was able to cap it. After that, RB methodically attacked and captured our Office Building and TV Station flags. Posession of those flags changed a few times. RB did a great job of keeping continuous pressure on us and eventually capped us out.
RB win: 102-0

GG, RB. Good luck in the tourney!

And so ends our fairy tale run through the BF2WT. Being the 69er's first organized tournament, we went farther and had more fun than any of us could have imagined. Definitely an awesome experience.

This tourney has taken a lot out of all of our members and im sure there is a sense of relief that goes along with the disappointment. We can all re-focus our time and energy on other things and get back to our roots. . . playing on the Hale. . . FOR FUN!

Final record: 10 - 2 (with 3 forfeit wins)
8 - 0 in division play
2 - 2 in the playoffs

Thank you to all the 69er and friends who participated, helped, and supported us through this tourney. We will do this again, someday. . .


Sunday, March 19 @ 00:30:43 EST (comments? | Score: 5)

EURO FORCES booster pack available

Got an extra $10? Go eat lunch! Or, if you ate already, download Euro Forces.

Download it here:
EA Downloader

Tuesday, March 14 @ 08:43:49 EST (comments? | Score: 0)

BF2WT *PLAYOFFS* Round 12 - FuShe Pass

Round 12 was at FhuShe Pass (16-player) against fellow American's AWG.

The first round, we played Chinese. As expected, there was heavy fighting at the Island flag. Both tanks were in the mix and bodies were flying everywhere. Our initial attack on the USMC main got stopped, but our second push was successful. We ended up taking the USMC main and left AWG with only the Island flag. After fierce fighting, We capped them out.
69er win: 107-0

The second round also found us duking it out at the Island. We were able to cap and hold that flag while we "inserted" another team into the Chinese main. Soon it was an all out assault on the Chinese base. We got control of their base and took away their spawn points. A couple AWG attempted a final assault on our main, but were outnumbered and quickly stopped.
69er win: 137-0

I have to say, AWG was one of the most prompt and polite teams weve played against. Thanks and GG AWG!

Saturday, March 11 @ 19:39:56 EST (comments? | Score: 0)

BF2WT *PLAYOFFS* Round 11 - Dragon Valley

Our second playoff match was at Dragon Valley (16-player) against Team Boomtown (Denmark).

Hats off to Boomtown. The final score after two rounds was 265-0, in favor of our European friends. YIKES! If you want to see the fun, check out BFGEEKS.com who did a great video cast of our match: BFTV

Overall, a great experience for us, playing with one of the top European teams.

GG Boomtown, and good luck the rest of the way!

Monday, March 06 @ 14:05:42 EST (comments? | Score: 0)

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